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I do not like how my camera broke, said sam I am

ANYWAY, here is my house, and here is pretty much an example for the community. xD

I live in Georgia, of the USA xD And in a pretty nice house, besides how messy it is all the time.
preview pics:

A one-level home~*

Okay, so I'm actually not going to be doing this in the order of walking in the front door. Our garage has a door into the house, and the front door is hardly ever used. So out of the normality of that..
First off, of course.

The front of my house! In Georgia there is probably more trees and moss everywhere then is bareable for most people. And it's 80 percent humidity today D: And that's kinda normal >_<

The utility room, as we call it. To the right is a big freezer, to the left of that is the dryer and washer. Also a sink! :O It's a pretty small room just so the garage doesn't open into the dining room. On the wall there is a thing to crush soda cans with >_>

Two more angles. Also, that trashcan is for.. crushing soda cans.

And coming right out of the utility room...

The dining room!/misc stuff. My mom has a lot of beanie bears >_< A loooooot. That door is to the backyard porch xD

So, you turn to the left and this is it! bar counter open to the kitchen, and large shelf things with more.. beanie bears on them.

And more immediate right, next to the shelf cut off on the previous pic would be.. a wimpyish second living room/parlor...? I have no clue.

oooo~, 'nother angle. ...that doorway also has sliding doors, as does the door for the utility room like I didn't mention.. ...The sliding doors that are closed are like the entrance to the back rooms..

another sharp left lands us in the Kitchen! lalala~

More kitchen, to left and then completely to the right. That window leads right to the.. parlor-whatever thingy. xD
Now, we go through that doorway..

Living room! The one we actually do more living in.

the views from sitting on the couch, and standing by the windows. I kinda hate SO MUCH WINDOWS~*~*~

Or next view will be where that sexy computer is next to...

NOTHINGNESS. Behind the closet is the front door, though.
That's kinda stored up for our 700+ vhs tapes, though. I know, how ancient~*! To the left, back room doors! To the right, that parlor thing.

doors.. open doors. straight ahead, that would be a guest room. To the left, master bedroom. To the close right, half bathroom. To the right of the hallway, hallway that leads to two other rooms (guitar room and my room, actually) and a full bathroom. :)

bathroom for the WIN?! Hi there, me, in the mirror. >_<

Master bedroom. To the left of the door is a walk-in closet, and if you walk in the room and go to the last left.. full bathroom with a handicap shower.. That's.. 200 or so dvds.. >_< And.. to the right? complete last minute random storage I should of probably moved for the picture, but.. eh..

Howeevver, that happens to be the last of the pictures, thanks to me somehow fucking my camera up. Sigh. D:

But at least I got this many! :)

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