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Welcome to Cribz, a community to post picture walkthroughs of wherever you live. How a person lives is mirrored in their living space, as we adjust simple things to accommodate our life styles.

How can you participate?

Simply walk through your place and take pictures of the rooms/hallways/etc. :)

Please remember to put pictures under a lj-cut. If you like, a scaled out picture of your home can be above the cut. Please don't let these pictures be too big, though. If you're uncomfortable with that, you could still post a picture of simply your front door or nothing at all.

How to make an LJ cut:

Labeling areas of your home with the pictures may not be a bad idea, either.

This community doesn't care if your home is spotless or not. Just please don't let anything sexual or offensive/violent in the pictures. (We don't need to see your porn magazines in your closet or your collection of decapitated heads.)

Yes, you may post videos. Host them on youtube or wherever your preference is, and put them under a cut too. (If your video has audio, please don't be spewing cusswords every other word. Personally I don't care, but some people may.)

So... Why...

-Make this community?

I was chatting with someone, and one of my random thoughts was 'How cool.. would it be.. to let people show of their places?' I know there is communities for things like alternative living, or showing off your interior design skills, etcetera.. But not so much of communities that don't put the emphasis on a specific lifestyle. This is for everybody.

-The name cribz?

67 told me cribzzz at first, however I noticed cribz wasn't taken, so I took that instead.

-Should people look at other people's homes?

When you invite a friend into your home, you're opening yourself up to them a bit more with trust. This community is primarily a general interest.

-and what else can I use it for?

Like any community, you can always make friends in here! Or, you could just want to look at people's houses which is fine too. Another idea, which was also one of my initial ones, is if you're a writer with little knowledge of how other people may live.

If you have any questions at any time, feel free to get in contact with the__waste.

I encourage anyone to pimp this community as much as you can. Feel free to use the two banners up there, or you can use this:

Just copy and paste :)

Join, post, and have fun!